Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring at last - Maybe!

Well it looks like spring has finally decided to show up in the Great Lakes region. I was up in Michigan last week doing a strategic planning session with the MiGCSA and it was 32 degrees and rain mixing with freezing rain! The temperatures do seem to be moderating, though, and it is important for superintendents to think about their typical spring applications, be it for weed or insects, as the timing may be a bit off this year.

While in Michigan, we looked at the number of growing degree days that had accumulated and there were zero. It is hard to believe that in the first week of April there would have been zero growing degree days in south central Michigan. For the areas in the southern part of my territory I have heard that the zoysia and bermudagrass are just starting to green up, but at the northern tip of that zone only the south-facing slopes and low-lying, protected areas are greening up. We know that eventually everything will run its course and the turf will start growing, it is just a matter of superintendents being prepared when that happens.

And remember you can always turn to GCSAA for help through webinars and articles from the TGIF. All of these services are free as a part of your GCSAA membership. While you are on the website take a look at Rounds 4 Research, and if you can, please ask your golf course to make a donation of rounds or possibly a monetary donation. Eighty percent of the money goes back to your chapter and 20 percent goes to the EIFG, two great causes that help superintendents locally and nationally. I will be at a number of events in the Great Lakes region this month and look forward to seeing everyone.

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